Vespertine Alexandrite

Ves·per·tine defined:

  • relating to, occurring, or active in the evening.
  • “active, flowering, or flourishing in the evening.”

It occurred to us that this adjective perfectly describes the ideal state of Alexandrite. At night, its unique chameleon like quality transforms the stone into something beautiful.

Our goal is to provide the rarest gemstone for those seeking something different and special for themselves.

A Vespertine Alexandrite™ is unique to our collection.

Unlike other online retailers, jewelers, and gem dealers, we cherish each gem in our collection.

Each one is backed by two reputable independent labs.

Our Vespertine Alexandrites™ are all natural.

No treatment of any kind and includes the country of origin, so you know where it comes from.

Whether you choose to customize the gemstone for your own personal piece, or retain the gemstone for a long-term investment, rest assured each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

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