Why Us?


The internet is flooded with claims of rarity when it comes to gemstones and jewelry. Self supplied appraisals further create an illusion of value. An educated consumer should do as much research as possible when deciding what gemstone is right for them.

Fortunately, we’ve been privileged with the opportunity to explore the world to buy and sell all types of gemstones. Some being rare, and others quite common. Nevertheless, there will never be a definitive authority on what is the rarest gemstone.

So why the Rare Gem?

We understand that the decision to acquire any colored gemstone should not be taken lightly. We take our AGTA and I.C.A. Memberships seriously, and believe in going beyond obligatory ethical disclosure. We believe in educating the consumer immediately as we ourselves garner exclusive gem trade related information. Our philosophy is fully informed-educated disclosure. That is, giving you and explaining to you information in plain english.

Besides giving you information, we emphasize gathering as much information as possible. Never rely on someone’s own assessment of any gemstone. We pride ourselves on using independent third party labs of the highest reputation to provide objective gem data. We will never give self-serving “certificates.”

Why Vespertine Alexandrite over other Alexandrites?

Our experience over time has made us conclude that every single Alexandrite comes from a difficult hunt of its own. We believe having an Alexandrite, is the ultimate way of owning rarity. When it comes to gemstones and jewelry, people wish to own something really unique and beautiful.

While aesthetically pleasant, a truly rare gem comes from its internal characteristics of being irreplaceable. A truly rare gem is found through a journey. A journey to exotic origins. Origin  is one detail that distinguishes a gemstone’s uniqueness over diamonds.  Carat weight, color, shape, subtle imperfections and Origin create intimate fingerprints of identity that make certain gemstones worthy of collection. The reality is that very few gemstones rise to this level of being a collectible. While every Alexandrite with quality color change is in fact collection worthy.

We guarantee each Vespertine Alexandrite to be one-of-a-kind. Each year we cap the amount of Vespertine Alexandrites we release. We stand by a promise of rarity in its purest form. Our lifetime return policy guarantees that an identical alexandrite with identical origin, weight, clarity, and type of color change will not be found elsewhere.

Rest assured that each Vespertine Alexandrite is unique in its own right, and is confidentially supported by two internationally recognized reputable laboratories.

In 2019, we will release only a limited number of these Vespertine Alexandrites.

Become part of our first legacy, and own rarity that will be cherished for generations.