From Padparadscha to Pink Sapphire | GIA’s Color Stability Test

In the past, we have emphasized the importance of gem labs when it comes to buying gemstones. Most recently, we discussed how certain sapphires that appear to look like “Padparadscha” need to go through color stability testing in order to make sure they do not lose their color. That is, losing their color so they … Read moreFrom Padparadscha to Pink Sapphire | GIA’s Color Stability Test

GRS Type Sunrise and Sunset Padparadscha v. GIA Padparadscha

A common issue customers and gem dealers face is when two labs disagree on a gemstone. A lot of times these disagreements are about heat treatment v. non-heat treatment, and correct origin (Ceylon v. Burma etc..). The same issue arises when one lab calls a certain variety of sapphire as “Padparadscha,” and another classifies it … Read moreGRS Type Sunrise and Sunset Padparadscha v. GIA Padparadscha

Russian Alexandrite’s History

Russian Alexandrite’s History The origins of the first Russian Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl with strong change) require official credit to a person named Yakov Vasilevich Kokovin, or Y.A. Kokovin. According to gem historian Richard A. Wise, Kokovin was the Russian Ural Mountain Mine Manager around the 1800s. (Wise, 2016). Wise’s reference to Kokovin, albeit brief, is to … Read moreRussian Alexandrite’s History

What is a Padparadscha Sapphire? (UPDATED 2019 Definition)

Introduction To Padparadscha A Padparadscha Sapphire is a fancy colored sapphire that is a mix of orange and pink color. Gem Labs Definition According to many gem labs, the precise definition “is a variety of corundum from any geographical origin whose colour is a subtle mixture of pinkish orange to orangey pink with pastel tones … Read moreWhat is a Padparadscha Sapphire? (UPDATED 2019 Definition)

What Makes a Stone Rare?

We believe that every gemstone’s degree of rarity depends on two critically connected elements:  Availability & Market Desirability. At all times, this concept of market desirability must be considered through a lens of an informed collector. For example, an informed collector knows: -Marketing can influence a person to want anything. -Jewelry that is beautiful and fashionable does … Read moreWhat Makes a Stone Rare?

Christie’s & Sotheby’s Most Rare Alexandrites

In 2014, Christie’s auctioned off a 21 carat Russian Alexandrite in Geneva Magnificent Jewels, Switzerland.  The pre-auction valuation of $450,000-$650,000 Swiss Francs (USD Equivalent about the same) was grossly underestimated. The final price: $1,325,000 CHF! This amounts to a whopping $60,000 USD per carat! In 2015, Sotheby’s auctioned off a 26 carat Ceylon Alexandrite in … Read moreChristie’s & Sotheby’s Most Rare Alexandrites